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Eyelash Tint Release Form The undersigned acknowledges that the technician has explained the nature of the above-noted treatment procedure herein. I hereby consent to the technician performing the
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Four eyelash and eyebrow sensing you'll need some cold water in a bowl some penstemon remover so intent developer your selection of tent colors some cotton buds and tissues but truly I'm jelly eye makeup remover cotton disks some eye guards for protecting under the eyes your tent dish from xington your tinting brush and the brush for applying the petroleum jelly to protect this game so before you can do an eyelash or an i Pro 10 on your client you have to do a patch test it should be 24 to 48 hours before the treatment and it's to check that your client doesn't take a reaction so if they do take a reaction that's called a positive reaction and they'll be redness in the area edit ation heat and your client will probably even feel that the idea might be raised a negative reaction means that they're absolutely fine to go ahead and get the treatment we tend to do the patch tests behind the ear you can do them in the crook of the elbow but there's always the chance that you could get 10 on the clothing and of course when it stains it's permanent so after you can do the tests behind the ear just allow it to dry before the hair goes anywhere knead it again just in case any tenant takes to the here so right now we're going to do just a quick patch test and then to these from there we can go on and do the 10 you then you get your tenth brush and what you're doing is mixing the ten and the developer together and it's going to change consistency it should go a little bit lighter in color it may call bet frothy they might be a little formal in it with this blue-black that we're using actually goes more of our purple shade so we give that a good mix may take about a minute or so just to get it mixed up but if it's too liquid you'll have to add more ten and if it hasn't changed color and activities you might have to add more developer so you'll get used to seeing it for yourself when it's the right consistency but you're looking for something along the lines of this and then what we do is ask your client just to turn to the side move the hair out of the way and we just it's about a centimeter wide circle of ten and it's just to see how it reacts with the skin so once you've done the ten days to make sure that the area's dry before your client leaves take a note on the consultation carat of the date that you did the ten test and if it's okay and they don't have a reaction you're good to go ahead in a day or two days in Denton